Pros and Cons of Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling Altamonte Florida

Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but not everyone knows how to do indoor cycling. Which is fine, because with a Youfit membership any of our members can try out our YouGX group fitness cycling class. Cycling may not be for everyone but that is why we are going to dive into the many pros and cons cycling has attached to it. That way you can pick if cycling is a class worth giving a try, or if you should stick to some of the other YouGX group fitness classes. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

Pros of Spinning

Take everything you know about riding a bike outside and throw it away. Indoor cycling, otherwise known as spinning, is entirely different in almost every way. So if you think bicycling is fun, you should not jump to assumptions and say cycling is a no brainer for you. First things first, cycling is a fun and upbeat environment. While biking outside you are likely to feel very calm and collected while soaking in nature. Indoor cycling is a different story. With its bright lights, loud music, and motivational instructors, you are in for an exciting ride. These classes will have you dancing on the bike. If the more upbeat scene is your style then you will love cycling. Another pro of cycling is the challenging workout in a short period. Cycling classes will have you working out other muscle groups along with legs. From short bursts of arm exercises to core engaging movements, you can expect your entire body to feel sore the following day.

Cons of Spinning

Cycling class does not have too many distinct cons. We say this because the cons are due to personal preference. Some people may not be big fans of loud music and bright lights, which is okay. This just means that bicycling the more traditional way may be a better form of exercise. Also, if you do not enjoy the time restriction of a cycling class then outdoors or a mix of outdoors and indoors cycling may be the solution for you. Cycling classes are classes, meaning they are scheduled in a fixed time slot. If this is not a long enough exercise then you will have to add more in after the class. This could be a huge con for those who are looking for lengthier class time. Whether indoor cycling is something you love doing or have never tried before, Youfit in Altamonte has you covered. We offer many cycling classes throughout the week so you can easily add them to your fitness routine. Whatever your fitness goals are, cycling is bound to be a great workout to do to help get you there. If you enjoy listening to some good music, having fun, and getting in a challenging workout, then cycling is the workout for you. To learn more about our YouGX spinning class or our other classes, give us a call or stop by today!