3 Weight Training Myths Debunked

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When it comes to working out, there are tons of options, but every choice you have falls into one of two categories, weight training or cardio. While both are very different, they remain great ways of exercising. Although, it seems as if many people are familiar with cardio exercise, things such as running, walking, and cycling. But, not too many people are informed about weight training. And we think part of that comes down to the many myths that surround weight training. And if you think you don’t know the myths, think again. Phrases such as weight training will make you look bulky and will not burn calories. These, among many others, make people instantly turned off to weight lifting, refusing to give it any attention. The truth of the matter is that these myths are just that. Untrue and very misleading. Here at Youfit, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, that makes our team upset because weight lifting has many benefits to offer. If you have shied away from weight lifting but are ready to learn the facts, keep reading. We debunk some of the commonly told myths.

Myth 1: Weight Lifting Makes You Bulky

We had to start with this myth because it is by far the most commonly told one. It isn’t always women who say this myth too; men fall victim to it as well. Here at Youfit, we cannot stand this myth because it is a huge reason for many people avoiding a work out that can benefit them greatly. Let’s break it down. When you lift weights, you are tearing the muscles. Naturally, your body is going to want to repair the muscles that have torn. The body does this by generating more cells to the area, but it doesn’t stop there. Your body will add cells that make-up what previously existed and add extra ones that would not have existed before. When this happens, your muscles grow in size. But, even though your muscles are growing does not mean that they are growing to an enormous size. The process of muscle growth takes a long time and incorporates many factors. You would need to eat a ridiculous amount of food and follow other unique dietary guidelines to come close to being bulky. Working out through weight training will mostly tone you up rather than increase your body in size.

Myth 2: Weight Training Won’t Burn Calories

This myth comes from comparisons to cardio and how many calories exercise like jogging will burn. The thing about this comparison is that weight lifting and cardio will both burn calories, but in different ways, making them unable to be effectively compared. For instance, you can run for 30 minutes and burn more calories than if you were to weight lift for 30 minutes; however, that only applies if you compare the calories you burned directly after your work out. Weight lifting may not seem like it burned a lot of calories, but it continues to burn calories and fat for up to 48 hours after your exercise. In reality, weight lifting will burn more calories and more fat in the long run than cardio can.

Myth 3: The Heavier the Weight, the Better

Another damaging myth we hear is that you need to lift heavy weights to see results. We hate this myth because it can discourage people from weight training and can result in injuries. Of course, if your current weights are too light, then you can always increase in poundage; however, starting on the lighter side does not mean that you are not getting in a solid workout. Sometimes it’s even better to use lighter weights and do more reps than if you were to do heavier weights and do few reps. Thinking that you have to start with heavy weights is false and could do more harm than good for your body.

If you are new to weight lifting and have heard these myths before, don’t let them discourage you. Weight training is a great way to get into shape. If you ever have more questions about weight training or want other myths cleared up, our team can help you out. To learn more about our weight lifting options and other services here at Youfit, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, give our team a call today at (407) 571-1748.